Special thanks in memoriam to my mentor Cornelius Reid

February 7, 1911 – February 3, 2008

Teacher, author, lecturer, whose disciplined curiosity, purposeful intellect and rational scientific mind led to a greater understanding of the singing voice during the 20th c. His legacy of pedagogic writings will carry into other generations as reference tools in the training of future great voices.

The following books may be ordered on his website at

Carol with Margaret Peckham

With gratitude in memoriam to
Margaret Peckham

Voice teacher, translator and master class organiser. An expert in early and sacred music, as well as modern music, she performed with the English National Opera in the UK, and as a recital soloist in New Zealand, and Western Europe, mostly in Germany. She was instrumental in bringing master classes in functional voice training to Germany from 1994 – 2012, where many followers of the work now perform and teach.

Masterclass in Paris Maison Étudiants Canadiens

French Translation: Elisabeth Kyriasopoulos
German Translation: Marko Pajevic, Leonore Blume

Valerie Bruhn (

Lyon Masterclass Centre de la Voix

With special thanks to Ignacio Jarquin and Uta Minzberg, now in Lagos, Portugal for organizing masterclasses throughout Europe from 2004-2020.



Advanced Singing Technique Master

Available for in-person instruction in the Niagara Region of Ontario, and on-line tutorial classes in Canada, the USA, UK and Europe for musically trained singers over the age of sixteen to sixty.


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Qualities of Voice.

As I finish up my first week of 50 out of 100 lessons in Bremen, Germany, I realize that there are certain elements of voice we can never explain in certain rationalities, voices that break the rules and stimulate the ear to wonder. Some qualities of sound merely...

The Vagus Nerve and the Larynx

My old Maestro, Cornelius Reid often said, “destroy the voice; destroy the psyche. Restore the voice; restore the Psyche.”While my intuition and previous vocal conditions told me this was a remarkable fact rather than fiction, I could not come to a complete...