Special Thanks to Cornelius Reid

February 7, 1911 – February 3, 2008

Special Thanks in memoriam to my mentor Cornelius Reid: teacher, author, lecturer, whose disciplined curiosity, purposeful intellect and rational scientific mind led to a greater understanding of the singing voice during the 20th c. His legacy of pedagogic writings will carry into other generations as reference tools in the training of future great voices.

The following books may be ordered on his website at

 A Dictionary of Vocal Terminology 



With gratitude in memoriam to Margaret Peckham: voice teacher, translator and master class organiser. An expert in early and sacred music, as well as modern music, she performed with the English National Opera in the UK, and as a recital soloist in New Zealand, and Western Europe, mostly in Germany. She was instrumental in bringing master classes in functional voice training to Germany from 1994 – 2012, where many followers of the work now perform and teach.

Carol with Margaret Peckham


To Ignacio Jarquin who since 2004 has believed in my teaching skills and organized classes in cities in Germany, France and UK.

Carol with Ignacio Jarquin. Lyon 2008.

French Translation: Elisabeth Kyriasopoulos
German Translation: Marko Pajevic, Leonore Blume

Paris 2008Master class in Paris Maison Étudiants Canadiens 2008


Teachers of Functional Voice Training (North America):

Stephen Austin UNT.

Brian Lee
Washington, DC

Sharla Nafziger
New York City

Katharine Posner
South Carolina

Dr. Anthony Radford
Fresno, California

Donna S. Reid
New York City

Kristine Anderson
Toronto, Canada

Alexa Wing, Toronto, Canada

Deborah Tennant, Toronto

Holly Gwynne-Timothy
Kingston, Ontario

Donald Maxwell
Wichata Falls, Texas

Lenore Eve
New York City

Ellen Shade
New York City

John Stewart
New York City

Eileen Smith
Stratford, ON


Teachers of Functional Voice Training (Europe):

Rachel Bersier
Genève, Suisse

Stefan Grunwald

Monika Kopp
Cologne, Germany

Thomas Maxeiner
Hamburg, Germany

Diane Severson Mori

Noelle Turner
Essen-Werden, Germany

Richard Staab

Maria Tuczek-Graf

Wiesbadener Musikakademie
Wiesbaden, De.

Isabelle Eschenbrenner
Centre de la Voix Rhône Alpes
Lyon, Fr.

Johanna Peine
Berlin, Germany

Susanne John
Bonn, Germany

Valerie Bruhn ( Lyon Masterclass Centre de la Voix 07

With the kind support of the Maison des Etudiants Canadiens, the Centre Culturel Canadien, The Nightingale Theatre, Casa de México, Centre de la Voix Rhône-Alpes, Lyon, Fr. and to Wiesbadener Musikakademie, Wiesbaden, Germany